Choose Your Career As a 3D Animation Artist

The days have long gone when animation artists had to go to university to study animation. There is no scarcity of books that teach you 3D animation such as Richard William's The Animator's Survival Kit. With the help of step by step instructions in these books, you can certainly teach yourself the nuts and bolts of animated movie making. The advantage of home study course is that some books are now equipped with CDs and DVDs.

Even the highly skilled animators are always on the look out for more knowledge. In a healthy career, we don't reach a point when we throw our books or our tools away. We need them too much. Our journeys are over when we stop, not when we think we've learned all there is to know.

If books can play an important part in our career development, then why do we require to register in an animation college? Why should one put in the effort and money required to acquire a degree in animation from one of the reputed colleges? Undeniably, it is unimaginable that a field where a college degree means less than it does in the animation industry. When it comes to finding a job, talent, enthusiasm and relationship all take precedence over where you got your degree.

Is there a need for a college degree?

No matter what method you use to get your skills, nothing can replace traditional schooling. Although it is a factthat there are many great books coaching the art of animation, a book cannot provide you criticism. It is the skilled person that can help advance your skill by trial and error. With the structure provided by coaches, homework and marks, the availability of equipment, and the inspiration supplied by peers, one has the best shot at learning the animation arts.

Learning the animation arts is a speciality of its own. It's not always fun. In school (or on the job), we're not always drawing what we're comfortable drawing. We are pushed to go beyond what we could or would be doing if left to our own devices.

Perhaps, most importantly, animation schools employ teachers that are working in their field. While this does not automatically make them great teachers, it does help students have the opportunity to make those first vital connections they'll need if they're to break into the industry.

I hope this article has brought you some clarity on why nothing can replace a normal education, following a Animation Career Path requires a solid foundation. At the least, you need to have a solid technical background to be ahead of your competition 

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