10 Animals That Can Think

The animals on the planet that are considered to be the smartest and would naturally think the fastest are probably not as much of a surprise as some might think. They often are the ones we know the best, although some could be unexpected. Which ones would you put on the list? Maybe you have some thoughts on the creatures before reading the list. Now you compare what you know with what the experts say. See how well your opinions match up with those who supposedly have knowledge on the subject. Here are the ten animals they say fall into this category.


Was this your first choice? Probably not that amazing they are listed as number one. This is based on studies done of their behavior and activities that demonstrate how they function.


Number two would also be a normal expected choice. Everyone has seen them in movies and heard of their intelligence. Flipper deserves to be placed on the list and rightfully since they truly are smart enough to be number two.


There are many sayings associated with elephants, and they certainly have demonstrated abilities for thinking that gives them a spot on the list. We can remember it next time we see one at the zoo.


We might have not thought about Ants and their brains very much. Still they have shown themselves to be organized and very committed to their purposes in a way that reveals their intelligence.


These are considered the most intelligent of all the bird species. They both function in ways that show how they can react quickly to many situations. It puts them at the top of the aviary list for their brains.


Just behind the crows and ravens are the parrots. They have the capacity to remember and repeat complicated phrases. It conveys that quickness in their response to vocal stimulation.


They are more commonly known as Octopus. We might not encounter them, like we would other animals, enough to appreciate why they would be on the list. Still it is based on fact, and they are here because they deserve to be from how they think.


They are called “man’s best friend,” by accident. Their communication and social skills make them very adaptable and allows them to be expressive in their actions.


As the largest of creatures they are also among the smartest. Their size doesn’t impede on them having their own special ways of communicating that we still don’t completely understand.


Some might be amazed to see the pig on this list. Yet they have revealed abilities to learn and even be housetrained that show how they are a quick learner.

How did you do? Did you pick all ten correctly? If you didn’t you probably are not the only one who learned something new. Whether you did or not at least you may be able to impress a friend or two with the answers.


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